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There is knowledge and resources needed for every journey, find it
search for it and ask questions from the right source. You need to pay attention to your journey, that is where your secret to success lies.


De’rayo Vocational Limited (RC NO. 1461859), De’rayo Vocational Limited aims at all times maintain standard training for clients and strives to place itself at the forefront of fashion industry across all industries. We are registered with Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED).

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Our Instructors are well traned with not less than 5 years experience.

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Our online courses are well prepared and you can as well apply for our off line courses too.

Free Library

Our online library is well stocked with hands-on activity books for our paid students

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So what price are you willing to pay for the prizes that you want?
Life is really about choices, you either pay the price of pain and discomfort now and play later and also be celebrated. or you play with your life now and pay the full price in the future with interest actually.
Aderayo Animashaun, CEO
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