Textile Designing

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Introduction to fine Arts (Tye & Dye)?

In this module, you will be introduced to fine arts, know the various aspects of fine arts, colour codes (identification). You’ll learn about chemicals safety precaution (hazards). It covers the in-depth knowledge about the various designs of Tye & Dye.
Element and Principles of Design
Introduction to Fine Arts
Branches of Fine Arts
Introduction to Tools and Equipment
Sourcing for Materials, Chemicals, Fabrics
Introduction to Tye & Dye
Colour Theory (Mixing of Colour)
Practicals (Tye & Dye of Fabrics) Dye of T-Shirts
Introduction to Stitching
Introduction to Tools, Materials & Equipment for Stitching
Stitching, Dyeing and Loosening Process

Introduction to batik.?

This module is another aspect of Dyeing which involves the use of candle wax to create designs on fabrics.

Introduction to Stitching and Printing?

This module, you will learn how to make use of stitches to create designs on fabrics with the use of needle and twine rope and learn the art of images transferred unto fabric with the use of Paint.

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